London Advanced Motorcyclists follows “the system” as laid down in Motorcycle Roadcraft: The Police Rider’s Handbook. It’s a system that teaches you how to be a better rider; helping you becoming more aware of what’s going on around you and enabling you to be ready for any eventuality. Employing The System in your riding will give you more confidence in yourself and your bike, and help you ride smoother.

We recommend you buy a copy of Roadcraft, although this is not compulsory. You can buy Roadcraft through Amazon

LAM offers the following events to help you learn and practice The System before you sit your Advance Riding Test:

  • Observed Rides and Group Meetings
  • Observed Rides outside of meetings
  • Associate Only Rides
  • Machine Control Days
  • Training Weekends
  • Group Riding Days

Observed Rides and Group Meetings

Training for the Advanced Riding Test consists of Observed Rides (OR) with one of LAM’s qualified Observers. LAM holds two Group Meetings a month: at The Horseshoe in Banstead on the first Sunday and at Tatsfield Village Hall [map] on the third Saturday. At the Group Meeting you will be assigned to an Observer and taken out on an Observed Ride. The Observer will assess your riding and give you advice on how to improve, and may also give you a demonstration ride.

You will be given a LAM Handbook so different Observers can see how you’re doing and you know which aspects of your riding need work. In order to improve your riding you need to practice between ORs, enabling you to get to an Advanced Riding Test standard.

Please note that, as a matter of principle, LAM tries to avoid training on roads known to be IAM Test routes.

LAM carries public liability insurance for all Observed Runs taken with our registered Observers by our Associate Members. However, both you and your Observer must be on fully roadworthy, taxed, insured and tested motorcycles. LAM will accept no liability for any accident for which it is not judged liable in a court of law. In practice, this means that, just as when riding normally, you are master (or mistress) of your own fate when on an Observed Ride. Before your first OR, you will be asked to sign a declaration that you hold all the appropriate valid documentation.

Observed Rides outside Group Meeting dates

Some LAM Observers are willing to take Associates for an Observed Ride outside the Group Meetings, at a time and place that’s mutually convenient for you and the Observer. You can find a list of Observers in the back pages of Progress. The Forum is also a good place to find an Observer who may be available at other times and dates.

Associates Only Rides

The second Saturday of the month is your day to get together with fellow Associates, and one helpful Observer, for a longer ride. A chance to socialise, practise riding in a group, and see how everyone else’s training is progressing.

Machine Control Days

Learn to control your bike and you’ll be a better, more confident rider. This all-day training session will teach you countersteering, slow riding, and how to pick up a dropped bike – even a Pan European!

Training weekends

A full weekend of training is an ideal way to put that extra bit of polish on your riding before the test and have some fun too. LAM runs an annual residential weekend in Norfolk and Wales, and a non-residential weekend in Kent.

Group Riding Days

Available to Full Members who have passed their test, this one-day course provides training for safe and progressive riding in a group. Make sure everyone arrives at the same place at approximately the same time!

The Advanced Riding Test

After a number of Observed Rides and a check test with a Senior Observer, you can apply to take the IAM test with one of the Examiners for the region. The test itself lasts approximately 90 minutes and takes in all kinds of roads. You will be required to demonstrate that you are a safe, systematic, smooth and progressive rider.

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